If you are looking for one stop solution to all your designing requirements, Dario Gimenez Design is the name for you! We are a leading name when it comes to designing your furniture, sofas, sets, fabrication, carpentry, window dressings, costume props or anything for that matter. We are an experienced team who has the right skills to give you robotic and mesmerizing designs full of attractiveness and special effects. We are not just a company, we are a designing brand. The reason we are loved by our customers is that we understand their requirements with a personal approach which helps us incorporate our talent around their designing needs. We are happy to talk through designs and provide a quote for any project! 


Our Team:
There is a diverse team working out of our shop with a wide range of expertise. Our abilities range from robotic and custom wiring, to complex pattern making; not to mention the most intricate set builds and design. The team is made up of artistic professionals with a diverse background of expertise, together we create a resourceful and knowledgeable group. 


Our services include:
CNC routing, prop fabrication, set design + installation, furniture making, engineering, robotics, painting, large format printing, and much more!


Our Client List:
MTV  * VH1  *  BRAVO  *  CBS  *  NBC  *  ABC  *  Comedy Central  *  HBO  *  Amy Schumer  * Discover Channel  *   FOOD Network *   Adult Swim  *   TV Boy  *   NFL  *  Macy's  *  Nike  *  Samsung  *  Quilted Northern  *  Rag & Bone  *  John Varvatos  *  Travis Rathbone  *  Wanted Design   *   J CREW   *   Public School Clothing  *  Cynthia Rowley   *  Amali Restaurant  *  L C inc.  *  Liaison Hotel DC  *  James Hotel NYC   *   Embassy Row  * Hotel 48 LEX